Napa Valley Art Studio

Discover stunning oil paintings at Jolanta's Art Studio

oil on canvas painting

You'll find a variety of styles and subjects, such as landscapes and portraits, to match your personal preferences. Whether you want to grow your art collection or add a striking statement piece to your home, these oil paintings are the perfect choice for you.

oil on canvas painting

Jolanta Gorecki is a talented artist, whose professional life was spent as an architect.
Born in Poland, she made a new home in the United States. She currently lives in beautiful Napa Valley.
Jolanta's love of painting has been a constant throughout her life and now, in retirement, she can devote more time to her passion.
Oil-based paint on canvas is her preferred medium.

group of twelve oil paintings

Jolanta painted a collection of portraits of women from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. The goal was to highlight the unique beauty of each group, while celebrating their shared humanity. This project brought Jolanta a lot of artistic satisfaction.

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